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This indenture documenting your terms of use of various WWW.RiyaVashist.com a.k.a RIYA VASHIST PRIVATE LIMITED (formerly known as RVMUA international makeup academy private limited) and all courses are a legally binding agreement executed by click-wrap contract between you, (hereinafter referred to as the “user” or “you”) and WWW.RiyaVashist.com (An International School of Makeup Arts). The website www.riyavashist.com or any derivative web pages thereof and Mobile Applications, Online Communities, Closed Groups or Social Platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Platform”) any information contained therein, and listed services and other materials contained therein are provided by RiyaVashist.com. Any services obtained from RiyaVashist.com through its portals and applications or otherwise are governed by these Terms of Use.

To obtain any of the RiyaVashist.com services you are required to read and agree with these Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Fair Criticism Policy and other policies implemented and published on the Platform from time to time or any amendments thereof (collectively referred to as the “Terms”). By accepting these Terms in any manner or accessing the website, you consent, agree, and undertake to abide, be bound by and adhere to these Terms and if you do not agree to these Terms of service, you are not entitled to avail of/use the Programs and any use thereafter shall be unauthorized use of RiyaVashist.com Services


Every prospective student is advised to consult a medical practitioner before the start of offline courses for any health-related issues in order to avoid adverse times during training and consistent use of cosmetics.


Every prospective student is advised to consult a medical practitioner before the start of offline courses for any health-related issues in order to avoid adverse times during training and consistent use of cosmetics.

  • Courses shall mean a programme of courses and/or any other component leading to any online/offline certificate courses.
  • Student shall mean a candidate admitted to the online/offline certificate courses available on riyavashist.com.


  • The certificate courses shall comprise cosmetic products/textual/video materials/exams and/or other components as decided by the course provider that offers the course.
  • The content of the course shall be delivered online/offline. Notwithstanding anything in these Terms and Conditions, the student is required to pay the applicable re-examination fee, course fee or any other fee as stipulated by riyavashist.com, failing which your access to the course can be suspended or permanently terminated.
  • Unless specifically allowed, the online content may not be available for download or in the hard printed copy, although you may keep your browser tab open for accessing it offline. Some of the material may be made available for a price to be declared if there are enough takers for the same. Courses, a significant part of the course material is made available in the form of soft/hard copy material. In those cases, such information is prominently displayed on the course page on the riyavashist.com website. However, for courses where such information is not displayed, those courses will have no such facility.
  • Any circumvention of technological methods or encryptions or digital rights management systems to access, print, or download content will be liable to be prosecuted under applicable laws. The content is licensed only to the student of the certificate course; sharing login details with any other person is not permitted. Any such attempt will lead to immediate disconnection and removal from course notwithstanding anything else in this agreement.
  • The course provider providing courses on the platform can from time to time devise such measures as necessary to deliver content in a secure manner on other social media platforms.
  • The student will use the course for personal use, and will not share the same with anyone else. Any public dissemination of course material will be a violation of the copyright of the course provider.
  • The student can take the exam at any time as stipulated by the course provider. In case they do not pass the exam and have to take a re-exam or reassessment is required, they may have to make a payment if required by the course provider. The number of re-exams may be limited at the discretion of the course provider.
  • Course providers can adopt such procedures, rules, and regulations at any point of time during the course, which might be necessary to maintain professional standards and to ensure the secure delivery of content, even though it might adversely affect an individual or a certain group of students.
  • In order to maintain transparency, the name and image of all our alumni will be displayed on our course website so that anyone can verify any claim as to whether a person who claims to be our student or alumni is actually our student or alumni. The student agrees with this condition and assigns any rights needed by the course provider to do so.


Students must meet the criteria specified by the course provider before enrolling. If they enrol when they do not match the criteria, whether their fees will be refunded or not will depend on the practices and policies of the course provider. In case of any dispute, the student agrees to take such disputes up directly with the riyavashist.com.


In exceptional circumstances, if you are allowed to pay your fees in instalments, you undertake to pay full course fees in 60 % – 40 % instalments and the instalments are to be paid within the stipulated timeframe. Riyavashist.com will be free to revoke all access and facilities until all dues are cleared. If you do not clear the dues you will not be entitled to any refunds as we would not be able to replace you or refill a seat in an ongoing batch. If any cheque submitted by you and transaction stands dishonoured for any reason we may consider prosecuting you for such a default as it causes us significant unforeseeable losses.


All Students are under obligation to maintain riyavashist.com’s decency and privacy policy especially when outdoor assignments or projects are live. All students are strictly prohibited to entertain clients or their representatives in any way unless authorised in writing by riyavashist.com.


A student shall be awarded the Certificate if No dues are found and No admin issues are pending before riyavashist.com. (a) He/she has enrolled himself/herself has undergone the course of studies, and completed the examination as specified in the curriculum within the stipulated time. (b) The intern certificate/experience/reference letter will be issued after taking and observing the intern at least for one Month. (subject to their written request)


Certificate of Internship On satisfactory completion of the Internship, a certificate of internship shall be issued. For satisfactory completion, inter-alia 90% attendance and a minimum of 20 days are mandatory and satisfactory remarks from the concerned (who assigned the work). This is a full-time internship to be attended physically and the interns are not expected to pursue any other course/work during the tenure of the Internship.


The course provider may terminate the training program of an intern at any time without assigning any reasons. In the event of unsatisfactory performance, the concerned intern may be advised by the Department of course provider to discontinue the Internship


An internship is neither employment nor an assurance of employment with riyavashist.com. Interns shall follow the confidentiality protocol of the Department and shall not reveal to any person or organization confidential information relating to the Department, its work, and policies The dress code of interns shall be blue Jeans pants with a white T-shirt with a Riya vashist logo along with white sports shoes.


Any kind of Makeup and appointment / Course booking fees are non-refundable.


If you are an International Student, the final price will be calculated in accordance with the applicable exchange rate. Students making payments of course fees through overseas banks must ensure that the proof of payment from their bank accompanies their application form. If your payment is done by Bank Transfer, all fees must be received by the academy without deduction; therefore, all bank charges and exchange rates must be paid by the applicant. Attendees must provide contact details of their residence in India prior to the course start date. Attendees must ensure their place on the course is confirmed and that the course is running before making any travel arrangements. RiyaVashist.com does not offer refunds for travel and accommodation. If attendees cannot be present at the course, as their Visa has been delayed, we shall offer the opportunity to transfer onto a course later. If the Visa application has been refused, no refund shall be offered. At RiyaVashist.com the courses are taught in English. Applicants whose first language is not English are required to be proficient in written and spoken English so that they are able to take part in group discussions and presentations during the course.


Once the fee is paid, we will send a confirmation Email/SMS to the student to inform them that your seat booking has been confirmed if you do not receive the Email/SMS it means that your registration is NOT yet confirmed and you must contact the academy to understand any further procedure required to complete your registration.


Riyavashist.com plays no role in visa and travel advisory.


All students must adhere to the dress code whilst on the premises. Students are required to wear respectable clothing and uniforms. Loose talking, lewd comments, flirting, eating, gossiping, chewing gum, playing games on mobile/computer/laptop and smoking breaks are completely prohibited during class/office hours.


Riyavashist.com possess the copyright related to course material, training, and methodology including any audio/video recording at the riyavashist.com office or event sponsored/participated.


(c) All certificates including internship will be dispatched to the last address mentioned in the application form through a reputed courier company or India Post or the same can be sent to the registered email ID written in the application form. In case a courier returns, the student may have to pay the cost of re-couriering the documents along with the correct one.


You grant Riyavashist.com the right to use your name, photograph, videos and any work you produce as part of coursework or the career opportunities that you secure to promote the course in a reasonable and truthful manner. You also authorise riyavashist.com, that the assignments submitted by you, if found to be of a sufficiently high quality, may be published in journals and blogging platforms in your name to display the work of riyavashist.com students and alumni.


You are free to promote any of the course work or assignment that you have undertaken yourself and is an original work in any online or offline assignment if you specify that the assignment be as a part of the course in concern and a web link (riyavashist.com) of the course is provided along with such clarifications. This will help us to establish that you have submitted the original work for the assignment. It will also help to increase the prestige of the platform and the course itself. On such an assignment you need to inform us through e-mail to riyavashist.com.


The course or workshop fees are not refundable once admission is confirmed. In deserving cases, we can give some credits that can be used within our portal at our discretion. In case of any difficulty or feedback, please write to our support team. In most cases, we have gone to extraordinary lengths to support learners and incorporate their feedback. Deposits are non-refundable if a student cancels their booking for whatever reason (For example: PERSONAL PROBLEMS, ILLNESS, ALLERGY, CHANGE OF MIND, RELOCATION, PREGNANCY, ILLNESS OR DEATH IN THE FAMILY, CHANGE IN PERSONAL CIRCUMSTANCES, FAILURE TO OBTAIN A LOAN or VISA or if the border control refuses your entry, ETC.) less than 6 weeks’ prior to the start date of the course, unless the course is cancelled by the college. If you cancel your enrolment less than 30 days prior to the start date, no money will be refunded. Fees is strictly not refundable when cancelling a booking after joining the course. The full payment will be forfeited in case the student cancels their course for whatever reason after joining. Deposits are non-refundable or non-transferable. The RiyaVashist.com registration fee is non-refundable in the case of a cancellation request by the applicant. All refunds (if applicable) will be made in the same mode of payment and will be processed within 7 to 45 days depending on the mode of payment and your bank. RiyaVashist.com reserves the right to amend or cancel courses, change the course location, and substitute lecturers/tutors. if we cancel a course, we will provide you with the opportunity to transfer to another course. Should we postpone a class for reasons we are responsible for (including, but not limited to, staff illness), we will make every reasonable effort to reschedule the class or add the missed hours onto the remaining course classes.


In case you are pursuing an ONLINE/OFFLINE course, if you fail to appear on specified time or date you may not be able to participate in the course. In such cases we cannot refund your fees as we cannot fill your seat with another person at that point.


Any kind of booking fees are non-refundable.


You are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions and also by all rules and regulations of riyavashist.com. Any misbehaviour with any faculty members, counsellors, course anchors or any members of the riyavashist.com Team will be subject to applicable disciplinary actions.
For any non-subordination or any disturbing actions by any students that may impact any class, other students or counsellors or faculties as it may be applicable, you will be subjected to disciplinary actions by the applicable decision of the riyavashist.com will be binding and final.


Riyavashist.com strictly follows the guidelines laid down under The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 in a gender-neutral manner and any act of sexual harassment in the classroom or on the chat groups, in any online platforms or during any interactions under the course requirements will be strictly dealt with and you may reach out to the Internal Complaint Committee or any of its members, to redress any such incidents. For more details, you may refer to the POSH Policy of riyavashist.com. The scope of the said POSH policy covers any incidents between students or between students and faculty or any member of the applicable Institute.


For all disputes arising out of these terms, conditions, and use of riyavashist.com Services or Courses, the courts in Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction in exclusion of all other courts.


Notwithstanding anything stated in this Regulation for any unforeseen issues arising, and not covered by this regulation, or in the event of differences of interpretation, the CEO of riyavashist.com may take a decision as he/she may deem fit. The decision of the CEO shall be final.


Notwithstanding anything contained herein, riyavashist.com may amend and implement the rules, whenever required, in the interest of maintaining the standard of academics and any process related to admission or delivery of content and you shall be governed by such rules and regulations so implemented from time to time.


In case of any loss/damage to property/belonging due to carelessness of students, riyavashist.com is not liable to indemnify.


The riyavashist.com cannot guarantee work after completing the course. However, riyavashist.com can guarantee you will leave not only with the skills to succeed but also with a thorough understanding and knowledge of how to get to the top. The riyavashist.com does give a selection of students the opportunity to assist our artists on shoots and shows. You may also be added to our Bookings section, where riyavashist.com will aim to give you an extra head start.


Riyavashist.com is NOT a university, and it is not affiliated with the UGC. Riyavashist.com offers various skill-based online courses and is acting as a service provider for ultra-high-profile celebrities, NGOs, corporates, etc. being its Professional Partner for specific courses, as it may have been specified in the course details.


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To acknowledge the grievance within 24 hours and resolve the issue within 15 days after receipt.

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