Prosthetic Fx

Riya is undoubtedly a highly skilled and internationally trained professional makeup artist who specializes in prosthetic makeup. Her reputation and expertise in this field are well-established, and she excels at providing unique and creative prosthetic makeup services while keeping in mind the technical aspects and key essentials of professional production makeup. From the initial concept to the final execution of a job, whether it involves character makeup or extensive makeovers to transform actors into entirely different personas, Riya offers specialized professional prosthetic makeup services. Her ability to create lifelike and convincing prosthetic effects is a testament to her talent and dedication.

As a leading prosthetic makeup artist, Riya brings a wealth of hands-on experience and a genuine passion for her work. Her willingness to adapt creatively as a project evolves is a valuable asset, ensuring that her clients receive the best possible results.

Riya’s repertoire includes a wide range of services, such as Prosthetic FX, character prosthetic makeup, special effects makeup, and even work in the theatre. Her versatility and expertise make her a sought-after professional in the entertainment and makeup industry. Clients can trust Riya to deliver exceptional results and bring their creative visions to life through the art of prosthetic makeup

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